JP Digital Imaging Adds CNC Router and Digital Flatbed Cutter

JP Digital Imaging expands grand format printing capabilities with purchase of CNC Router and Digital Flatbed Cutter.

(Mountain View, CA) September 1, 2015JP Digital Imaging, a leader in digital printing and design, announces the latest addition of machinery to their Mountain View facility – DGS Tornado 2 CNC Router and DGS V-Pro X51630C Digital Flatbed Cutter. “By adding the CNC Router and Digital Flatbed Cutter we can now take projects to the next level by allowing graphics to be visually displayed like never before,” said Jim Peck, CEO and Founder of JP Digital Imaging.

JP Digital is one of the first companies on the West Coast to purchase the CNC Router, which perfectly contour cuts, grooves and engraves all kinds of hard materials such as wood, acrylic, PVC , aluminum and more. With a built in mist cooling system it allows for advanced cutting of cut out letters, carved and engraved signs, channel letters, Wood/MDF Furniture, molds for vacuum formed signs, POP Displays and custom made boxes.


By purchasing a Digital Flatbed Cutter, JP Digital can now integrate their high quality printing with a faster finishing process, saving customers production time and costs. The flatbed cutter specializes in cutting all common signs, visual communication and packaging substrates such as: folding SBS boards, foamboard, corrugated cardboard, expanded PVC, styrene, structural honeycomb boards, self-adhesive vinyl, magnetic film, textiles and paper, along with many other materials. Sound proofing open spaces is now easier than ever with the digital flatbed cutter creating custom felt and cork in beautiful designs.


“The addition of these machines allows us to continue being an innovator in the digital print space while offering our clients the highest quality products at an affordable cost,” said Jim.

Contact to bring your next project to life.

Other Services Include: Signage, Custom Printed Window & Privacy Film, Custom Printed Wall Paper, Wayfinding, Event Displays, Vehicle Graphics, Specialty Projects, Installation, Graphic Design

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